AStA Brochure

ABOUT THE ASSOCIATION A.St.A. WORLD-WIDE ACTIVITY • Promoting increasing solidarity and collaboration between the Members, with the purpose of guaranteeing common interests in every field; • Developing relationship with national and international institutions and all the legislative bodies in order to protect the interests of the Members and the whole sector; • Safeguarding the sector’s interests regarding material, energy, financial and human resources; • Promoting technological innovation of the process with reference to safety, workplace and its healthiness. Promoting researches aimed at re-using by-products and industrial waste matters, as well as searching and managing dumps for disposal of manufacture waste matters; • Promoting the development and the evolution of products and services, taking specific care of technical and legislative aspects, as well as of the approval and quality standards certification. Organizing promotional campaigns and participation into national and international trade shows; • Developing external relations through relationships with communications media, studies, debates, conferences and conventions, promoting also the publication of magazines, monographs, booklets and technical manuals, and so on; • Collaborating with Associations and bodies interested in the development of the construction industry throughout the study and solving of technical and economical problems related to the use and diffusion of products manufactured by the Members. Promoting and/or joining national sector’s Federations; • Promoting and taking care of relationships with foreign Associations and industries working in the industrial sector represented, eventually joining international Associations or promoting their establishment; • Within the limits of the Statute, designating representatives in all bodies and commissions in which the delegation is requested or however is useful. 3