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THE RIGHT WAY OF COOKING PASTA. ALWAYS PERFECT RESULTS. Design and functionality find their utmost expression in the concept “Pasta Corner”, thought by Offcar to best enhance every dish. Pasta Corner is the modular solution, in a single work plane, of all the tools needed to prepare, cook, maintain and serve the pasta in all its variants. Certificazioni - Certified 9 TIMER PROGRAMS FOR EACH BASKET INTUITIVE AND WAT E R P R O O F TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLS
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Pasta, your core business TOSS PREPARE LIFT COOK MAINTAIN THE IDEA Symbol of whole culinary traditions at the four corners of the planet, pasta is a universal food, just think of noodles, ramen and dumplings. All its sizes and varieties have suggested technological and innovative solutions to prepare very rapidly high quality dishes as fast as possible. THE PROJECT “Pasta Corner” is made up of high-performance pasta cooker, automatic baskets lifter with timer, induction plate or gas range to toss the pasta with sauce and bain-marie to keep the condiments warm. CUSTOMIZABLE MODULAR SOLUTION QUALIFIED EXPERTISE Offcar joins you in the functional design of spaces by analyzing your needs and offering tailor-made solutions in relation to product, place and available technical connections. All this is made possible by the qualified expertise of the personnel involved in the design, installation and after-sales service, by the experience in the world of catering equipment since 4 generations and by the direct presence of distributors all over the world.
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