AStA Brochure

ABOUT THE PRODUCT AGGLOMERATED STONES AGGLOMERATED STONES are for all intents and purposes COMPOSITE MATERIALS made up of Granulated material: which forms the structure; Powder: which fills the interstitial spaces; Binding agents: which cement the product; Additives and pigments: which confer the desired technical and aesthetic traits. AGGLOMERATED STONES can be manufactured in the following sizes: • Slabs up to almost 4.5 m2 of surface area (thickness from 12 to 30 mm); •  Blocks of more than 3 m3 in volume. The advantages of the AGGLOMERATED STONES are: •  The range of colours is practically infinite; • The product is reproducible, thanks to industrial production, which has overcome the limit of a specific locality of origin of the raw materials; •  Particularly high technical characteristics. 9